Our key principles for communication and client service

  • Any e-mail, skype message, fax etc. received from clients will be answered within 24 hours. Of course we cannot always immediately deliver the requested service in such time span, but we realise that it is important for clients to know that their service provider is always there for them and shows responsiveness. So, we always reply within 24 hours.
  • In case we cannot deliver the requested service immediately when replying (for certain services we will be dependent on the speed of action of external parties such as banks, Government authorities etc.) we always give the client a reasonable timeframe within which the service can be delivered and we meet the committed deadline.
  • Any missed calls from clients, whether through skype, landline or mobile phone, will also always be returned within 24 hours. For follow up, the same principles as described above apply and are adhered to.
  • Equation is fully owned by individuals actively involved in the company's daily operations and (as such) is fully independent. We do not belong to a global network of fiduciary services-, audit-, law- or other professional services firms, so we do not compete with potential introducers of clients in any country outside Cyprus. At the same time Equation's team members have an impressive global network of independent service providers at their disposal in an array of key services, based upon which we are in a position to facilitate a smooth course of client operations around the globe.

    An important advantage of our independent status is that we are completely free in the choice of foreign experts we want to co-operate with. We only serve one interest; the client's interest.