The members of our firm have an unrivalled combination of experience in the areas of tax advisory services and fiduciary services. 

International tax expertise at the level we can offer, notably in the field of EU Directives and interpretation of double tax treaties but also VAT and social security, can rarely be found among our competitors. One of Equation's founders, Rutger Kriek, has top class experience at the world's highest levels of international tax advice. He is in the best position to find tailor-made tax strategic solutions for his clients. Rutger is an experienced Dutch tax lawyer. The Dutch tax system is well-known for its opportunities and sophistication, but also for its challenges and complexity. Rutger's extensive (12 years) experience in practicing Dutch tax law (before he went to Cyprus) gives him a unique competitive advantage when dealing with tax practitioners in other sophisticated and high-tax jurisdictions, as it is relatively easy for him to understand and put himself in the position of the requesting tax adviser. This is one of the qualities that make Rutger the (probably) best tax adviser in Cyprus.   

Furthermore, all employees of Equation represent extensive big firm expertise, but this is combined with the personalized approach and accessibility of a boutique firm, competitive rates and fair, fully transparent pricing policy.

We have been raised in big firms; we succeed where they (and others) succeed, but we also succeed where they (and others) fail. We simply copy what big firms do well and improve what they can do better. The result is the best product available.