EQUATION: Exceptionally Qualified, Unique And Trustworthy In Our Nature ...

Ever since its inception in 2012, Equation has been very successful and rapidly groing, as the market identifies and appreciates the firm's responsiveness, professionalism and client dedication.  

In this time of enhanced scrutiny of (allegedly) tax driven use of corporate vehicles, there is more need than ever for tailor-made structuring, in contrast with the traditional ''conveyor belt approach''. Equation belongs to the select few practices in its professional environment with the required expertise to properly implement international corporate structures. 

If you are an international investor, lawyer, accountant, tax adviser or other professional who is looking for a reliable partner to co-operate with, for incorporation and domiciliation of companies in Cyprus (or other jurisdictions in our portfolio) and bespoke international tax advice, we are very confident that our services can be of high added value to you.